Tuesday, December 10, 2013

An interview with Coach Genaro Diaz by Andrea Esquivel

An interview with Genaro Diaz. Nov 28, 2013
Genaro Diaz initially came to the United States on an athletic visa as an Olympic hopeful representing Mexico. Upon his arrival he decided that the opportunity was to great to pass up, he would stay after his race and eventually bring his wife and newborn son to the united States.

Table of contents
Part I - Introduction
Part II - Growing up in Oaxaca, Mexico
Part III - Plans, Goals & the Olympics
Part IV - Change of Plans
Part V - Reality of the U.S.
Part VI - Initial experiences
Part VII - Opportunity
Part VIII - Living in Daly City
Part IX - Remittances
Part X - Assimilation
Part XI - Would you do it over?

Part I- Introduction
These photos chronicle Mr. Diaz' early years in Oaxaca, Mexico.

With his three younger brothers. 

Communion day, the first time he wore closed shoes. 

Part II Growing up in Oaxaca Mexico
With parents on the day of his communion. 

Part III Plans, Goals & the Olympics
Genaro's 1:04 half marathon

Part IV Change of Plans
Genaro with family in Mexico. 

Genaro with with and son.

PART V Reality of the U.S.

PART VI Initial Experiences

PART VII Opportunity
Genaro (with son) at a hotel for a race running for Trade Tech.


PART VIII Living in Daly City

PART IX Remittances

PART X Assimilation
Genaro and his son, Fernando, a future collegiate runner.

Part XI Would you do it over?

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