Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Time of Life with Michael Gotuaca by John Cruz

Michael Gotuaca
    My interviewee, Michael Gotuaca, is my next door neighbor and my dad's friend. He moved to the United States from the Philippines twice. The first time he came to the country, he wanted to get an education here in America. He studied theology because he thought it would make becoming a priest easier; however, he was not able to become one. He moved back to the Philippines to teach. There he met his wife. After a few years, he moved back to America with his new family. He wanted to provide his kids a better opportunity to live a happy life. He is currently living in Daly City and raising his children.

1) Life in the Philippines

2) Life in the US from the Start

3) America and What it Offers

4) Reflection

Life in the Philippines

Michael talks about his life growing up in the Philippines.

Life in the US from the Start

Michael discusses about his first experiences here in America. He talks about his time as a student here in America
America and What it Offers

Michael talks again about what America had allowed him to do and the new opportunities he  able to accomplish.


Michael reflects about how he cherish the good and not so good times he had. He talks about how not to take things for granted and accept as things as they are and to aim high.


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