Wednesday, December 11, 2013

John Pegueros, Interviews Gladys Hinaniban

In this video I talked to Gladys about her situation. I asked her questions about what her life was like when first arriving to the United States. She answerd the questions pretty straight foward and told me about how her life was. I feel like she came here and benefitted alot from all the other Filipinos who came before her. I feel like every race should have a chance and I'm glad to hear that Gladys did not have it as hard as other Filipinos who came from the Phillippines. Im glad to say that all the early Filipinos paved the way for the thousands of  the new Filipinos who live in the United States today and for the Future Filipinos to come.

FAMILY is everything and we all should be gratefull for the ones who sacraficed to make our lifes better then theirs.

This is Gladys with some of her family.

                                   This is Gladys eating at Bubba Gumps in San Francisco.

This is Gladys with her dog who helps her forget about home sometimes.

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