Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Life of a Filipino: Jane F. de Guzman, by Jennifer Banayad- My mother Jane was born in the Philippines and grew up there until she was twelve years old.

The person I interviewed for my Oral History project was my mother Jane F. de Guzman. We talked about several interesting topics like about her life in the Philippines. her struggle coming to the Philippines and the life she had living in America, we also talked about her family being petitioned to come to America. She told me about how my grandma came to America and worked her hard out here to provide for her family back home. My grandma became a United States citizen. For many Filipinos it is very important to be an American citizen because once you are an American citizen life in America will seem a lot easier than not being a citizen. For my grandma for example she wanted to be an American citizen because she felt obligated to bring her four kids here in America.

Jane's' life in the Philippines Part 

Jane's Life in the Philippines part 2 Migrating to America


Living in America



After interviewing my mom Jane de Guzman I learned to appreciate her more and I better understood her struggle as a flipina coming to America. All her life, life hasn't come easy for her. Being in school in America was not easy for her at first because of all the bullying she was put through just because she was an immgrant that just came ti America. But rain or shine she looks at the good parts in her life and does not let the negativity get her down. My mom plans to stay in America and she said she would rather stay here in American than go back to the Philipiines

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