Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Richard De Guzman "First Generation Filipino-American" by Hector Garcia

Hector Garcia
English 100
December 10 2013
Richard De Guzman: An interview of a First Generation Filipino-American

Richard De Guzman is a Filipino American born in the San Francisco-Daly City area.  He was born and raised by his parents and grandparents in the United States.  This interview is about the outcomes of his parents decisions about coming to America, and the first hand experience of Richard when growing up with a Filipino oriented Family. 

Richard was born in San Francisco and raised in Daly city California

His Mom and Dad migrated from the Philippines to San Francisco before he was born

 He was raised with an American influence by Filipino Parents and was always surrounded by his cousins

Here's an Interview of Richard in November 2013, where he talks about his experience growing up with Filipino parents in a Filipino based American city

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