Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Greta - Across the Globe - interview by Taylor Salley

     Greta is from a small country called Lithuania. When Greta came to the United States from Kaunas, Lithuania at age 11, she faced many obstacle's. Greta moved to the U.S. after her mother won a lottery to obtain green cards for Greta, her twin brother, and her mom. Greta hardly spoke any English and wasn't taught before she was thrown into public school in San Francisco.  Thankfully, Greta had a twin brother to go through the tough experience with, and a grandmother who would fly her to Lithuania to visit as often as possible; usually once every year or once every-other year. These visits helped Greta and her brother to feel less homesick and keep in touch with their Lithuanian roots and the family they left behind.  

Table of Contents

Life in Lithuania
Expectations of the USA
Coming to the USA
Family Support
Staying in Touch

Life in Lithuania
Kaunus, Lithuania

In this section, Greta tells us about her house and life in Kaunus, Lithuania. 

Greta and her dog in Lithuania.

Expectations of the U.S.A 

Greta tells us what she expected life in the United States to be like.

Coming to the U.S.A 

Greta explains her first experiences in the United States and how she felt.

Family Support

Greta discusses the support she feels from her family back in Lithuania.

Greta, her twin brother Lucky, and their cousin.

Staying in Touch 
Greta tells us how she stays in touch with her Lithuanian roots and prevents feeling homesick, while still being halfway around the world.

Greta and her grandmother, who helps her keep in touch with her Lithuanian roots and feel less homesick.

St. Casimir Church in Los Angeles. The only Lithuanian-Catholic Church in California.

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