Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Land of Opportunity: Arnold Asistio

Interview by Chauncey Asistio with Arnold Asistio

Christmas picture with his three children

Table of Contents:
1. Growing up in the Philippines
2. Journey to the United States
3. Being Filipino in the United States
4. Life in the United States

Segment 1
Growing up in the Philippines (1:45)
Arnold discusses his family background and life in the Philippines before coming to the United States.
Picture of the male siblings in the Philippines

Segment 2
Journey to the United States (3:17)
Arnold talks about the process of his immigration journey coming here to the United States.
With his mother
Always eating that pagkain 

Segment 3
Being Filipino in the United States (1:54)
Arnold elaborates on his life comparisons between his time living in both the Philippines and United States.
Visit to the Philippines

Segment 4
Life in the United States (3:22)
Arnold describes his thoughts and feelings about his Filipino American life.
With more siblings at a wedding

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