Monday, December 23, 2013

Dean Kevin Santos Interview; Joyce Lum

Summary: Dean Kevin Santos is a political science major at Notre Dame De Namur University, and

is apart of ASPIRE, a support organization for undocumented youth.  The day that

Dean moved to America, his parents just told him that he was going to Disneyland, and if anyone

asked of his status, to say that he was a resident of San Bruno. Dean is actively involved in helping

undocumented youth all across America.  During the interview, we explored themes such as

citizenship and political empowerment. He goes into detail about his experiences with being an

undocumented Filipino in the U.S, and how through political empowerment, he is making a

difference for himself and other undocumented youth.

This is a background of Dean Kevin Santos. 0:00-1:20

Friends in the Philippines 1:20-3:05

Coming to America 3:05-4:40

Hardships/ Adjustments 4:45-7:29

Life now in the U.S 7:59-10:04

Undocumented in the U.S 10:0813:28

Applying for Jobs 13:2816:28

ASPIRE for Filipinos 16:2822:28 

How does being undocumented affect the Filipino attitude towards attaining citizenship and political empowerment? 22:88 -28:53 

Reflection: 28:5330:57

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